Smart Ticketing

Pcentra provides innovative ticketing solutions enabling our clients to utilize the power of the cloud while maintaining and improving data security and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Our e-Ticketing platform allows secure fraud-reducing payment via web and mobile, expanding and improving existing services to residents, passengers and customers:

  • Secure payment for public transport, bicycle service, parking, museums, events and other services via the cloud anywhere, any time.
  • No need to physically interact with machines or service people.
  • Cheaply and effectively reduce operational load from existing service channels.

Control & Monitoring

Pcentra provides various control and monitoring solutions for municipalities, transport authorities, public transport operators and private organizations.
Our solutions include:

  • Mobile application that simplifies inspection and enforcement.
  • In-car mobile passenger counting for car pooling on toll roads: A mobile application that utilizes the mobile device camera to identify the number of passengers in   a car and uses the information to determine payment requirements.
  • Route-based trip analysis and reporting: Any route-based service can be analyzed, monitored and reported with our performance control location-based solutions.


Pcentra's infrastructure allows multi-platform remote access and interaction with Smart Portable Objects and their Secure Elements via mobile and other devices via the cloud, making them available anywhere, anytime and with the very highest level of security.

Our technology can be applied in various applications in different industries and sectors, mainly but not limited to transportation. It allows faster implementation and rapid scalability corresponding with actual demand.

Our technology supports all ticketing operation: card issuing; initialization; personalization; contract purchasing and loading; top-up; validation; inspection and management. All can now be performed using desktop and mobile devices, thereby saving time, reducing queues and fraud and improving overall operational efficiency and data security.