We make contactless easy

Every month more than one million passengers use Pcentra to pay for their travels

Our Technology

Traditional contact and contactless payment terminals that rely on physical security elements are expensive and hard to maintain. Our unique solution provides the same level of security without having to connect a secure element to every device.

We turn any device into a secure terminal
Smart devices connected to a server via a secure protocol
Smart devices such as a smartphone, a smart-watch, a payment terminal and a desktop computer

Smart Devices

Turn contact and contactless devices into payment terminals without compromising security. Use existing mobile devices, tablets, laptops, vending machines and ATMs as instant points of sale.

Reliable protocol

Reliable Protocol

Execute commands remotely without physical access to the device. Our SDKs ensure reliable and fast execution on all common platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS and more.

Back-end server

Secure Backend

Keep your secure elements in the safety of your data center. Implement business logic in your back-end and deploy changes to your users instantly.

Proven Track Record

Secure ticketing for 1M+ monthly public transportation passengers

Won the “Product of the year” award in the “Online Payments” category

Won the Calypso award for best innovation

First product world-wide to successfully integrate Calypso smart card ticketing into Apple iOS 13



Large retail chains and small business owners use our terminals to provide secure ticketing and payment solutions to their customers.
Our Points of Sale provide payment and secure ticketing solutions in thousands of locations.


Government agencies use our products to reduce reliance on cash by introducing new and advanced payment options.
Our products help facilitate major reforms in payments and automate travel reimbursements.


Public transportation operators use our solutions to provide secure ticketing to millions of passengers every month.
Using our services, operators reduce expenses on physical service stations by providing services remotely using the passenger's smart phone.

Since 2007
Offices in Tel Aviv
30 Employees
Millions of secure transactions