About Pcentra

We Believe that Innovation can Change the World

At Pcentra, we believe that innovation can redefine how we experience the world. With a passion for fresh ideas and a commitment to seamless experiences, we are dedicated to transforming how people access public transport. 

We are a dynamic team of public transport experts and technology enthusiasts based in Tel-Aviv. Our expertise spans cutting-edge technologies, strategic partnerships, and a deep understanding of the evolving public transport landscape. With a blend of innovation and practicality, we craft solutions that elevate the travel experience for millions of people. 

Our Vision 

We are completely focused on creating the easiest journey for public transport payments and services. We envisage a world where every commuter, traveller, and explorer can move effortlessly, empowered by smart, user-friendly technologies that enhance convenience, accessibility, and connectivity. 

Our mission is to simplify travel cards complexity through advanced Cloud solutions. We strive to bring value to passengers, operators, authorities, and the entire transportation ecosystem. By leveraging state-of-the-art technologies, we pave the way for smoother, smarter, and more sustainable journeys. 

Why Pcentra


We're never satisfied with the status quo. We consistently push boundaries to create novel solutions that make travel better.


Passengers are at the heart of everything we do. We design solutions with their needs and preferences in mind.


Our team comprises experts in various fields, working cohesively to deliver excellence in every aspect of our offerings.

Business Model

We don’t expect up-front or installation costs. Instead, we offer a transaction-based model which means zero risk for you.

Whether you are interested in Pcentra as a supplier, partner or employer, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey as we harness technology to transform how people move.


Pcentra is part of Modaxo — a global collective of technology companies passionate about changing the face of public transportation.  

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