Pcentra for Passengers

The Technology Solution That’s 100% Focused on Passengers

Mobility for All

With Pcentra, all passengers have convenient access to a means of payment that suits them:


Enable passengers who may struggle with modern technology to easily top up in person, at an ATM or over the phone with IVR.



’Smart Cash’ means the convenience of cash – without the hassle. Enable the unbanked community to use cash in an accessible manner to travel, but keep it off public transport vehicles to maintain boarding speed.


Pre-pay travel cards are the ideal solution for children who wish to travel – and also for their parents who can manage their transactions and oversee their account.


Encourage use of public transport with the most accessible solution available. With Pcentra, concessions can be managed online – from application to access to discounted travel, often in seconds.

App Users

Those who are familiar with Smart Payments can harness the latest technology to top-up and pay for travel in seconds – any device, at time, and any location.

Access to Travel

Simple, convenient ordering of personalised smart travel card – delivered direct to the passenger’s doorstep.

Convenient, Hassle-Free Payments

Pcentra takes the stress out of travel:

With Pcentra, passengers can find and pay for their travel on their own terms – from the comfort of their home, work or leisure location with the most advanced technology.