Come work with us

To create the best products we need to have the best people!
This is where you come in...

Every day our developers find a new way to make something better, safer and faster... We love technology, and we believe that solid tech can go a long way!

Pcentra is working on the next generation of contactless payments and we are looking for smart people to join us in our journey. If you feel the same way about technology, come work with us.

What you will do

You will work on interesting products with real impact on peoples' lives, and collaborate with talented people to come up with innovative solutions for challenging problems.

What you won’t do

You will not violate users' privacy, you will not employ dark patterns to influence users' behavior and you will not do anything that goes against the best interest of our users. But most importantly, you will not be bored!

Open Positions

Since 2007
Offices in Tel Aviv
30 Employees
Millions of secure transactions