Our Solution

Traditional contact and contactless payment terminals that rely on physical security elements are expensive and hard to maintain. Pcentra’s unique solution provides the same level of security without having to connect a secure element to every device.

Online Solution

Passengers can top-up, apply for and access concessions online – anytime, anywhere.

Remote SAM

Cloud-hosted Secure Application Module – SAM, turns any device into a secure terminal – providing far greater flexibility of devices and saves capex & opex.

Centralised Control

Centralised audit and control provides the most secure anti-fraud mechanisms.

Smart Devices

Turn contact and contactless devices into payment terminals without compromising security. Use existing mobile devices, tablets, laptops, vending machines and ATMs as instant points of sale.

Smart devices supported by Pcentra payment system: ticket machine, ATM, phone, laptop, tablet...

'Smart Cash'

Pcentra’s payment system enables passengers to keep using cash if they wish – but keeps it off public transport. So you can realise the benefits of cashless payments – including reduced boarding times and no cash handling – while continuing to support the unbanked and those who wish to use cash.

Reliable Protocol

Execute commands remotely without physical access to the device. Our SDKs ensure reliable and fast execution on all common platforms, including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS and more.

Secure Back End

Keep your secure elements in the safety of your data centre. Implement business logic in your back end and deploy changes to your users instantly.

Simple Deployment

Pcentra can be implemented alongside existing fare collection systems. This reduces disruption for your team and the travelling public – and means we can deliver within six months. To implement a new system we need just three things: